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Why Durags Make Loud Fashion Statements

Why Durags Make Loud Fashion Statements

Wearing A Durag Not So Definitive History

Durag pronounced like “do-rag” has its’ place history, but the history does not have a definitive timeline. A consensus believes a durag goes as far back as the 1930s. Many people believe wearing a durag grew in popularity in the late 1970s. It was a fashion statement for a brief moment in the 1990s and 2000s. Your favorite rapper in the hip hop genre along singers in R&B wore it and made their fans want to wear durag as well. Durag is not only worn to make a fashion statement, but the main function for the durag is normally worn while sleeping to protect your hairstyle. Durag can be worn while sleeping to ensure the hairstyle is not moving all over the place or is not screwed up. A durag covers the head, and it is normally made up of polyester but can come in a variety of different fabrics. The durag be worn by anyone but is quite popular with African Americans.

Wearing the Durag For Bed

There are a few ways to wear a durag, and you should choose the method that is most comfortable for you or gives your hairstyle the most protection. How durag is worn is dictated by the function such as wearing to make a fashion statement or just going bed. A simple step by step approach to wearing the durag while you sleep would begin with placing the durag on your head. Durag will a have seam; therefore, you want to ensure the seam-side of the durag will not touch the hair because it leaves an unwanted mark in your hairstyle. Seam side of the durag will be on the outside. The seam can be used as a guide so line it up on your head so that the seam is at the center of your head. Next, you would take a tail of the durag in each hand wrap them and ensure they cross in the back then the bring tails around the head and ensure they cross at the forehead and wrap the tails to back once again. To prevent lines across your face and forehead that happens when you tie the durag at the front, you could use a sports headband with firm elastic but comfortable to hold the durag in place instead of tying it. You would place the headband over the durag, and the durag should remain in place to keep your hairstyle manageable after some good sleep. The cape of the durag can be left to hang out. You can use the durag made any fabric that you prefer.

Keeping it Wavy With Durags

Many people who choose to wear durags with one popular hairstyle in mind and that is spinning waves hairstyle. Spinning waves hairstyles or waves is hairstyle worn by African American males with low cropped haircuts. Waves are not only left to men nor is wearing a durag, but there are also many women who have a short hairstyle and willing to use the durag to maintain the wavy hair look.